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How do you do?  My name is Trisha Torrey. Let me explain why I’m here.

First, I’ll ask you…. What’s a girl to do when she tries to retire – but finds she has much more to give?

That’s the conundrum that faced me when I tried to retire in 2022. After a long career that had included teaching school, selling real estate, marketing for large organizations, starting and owning my own small marketing business, and writing six books, I ended up growing the profession of independent patient advocacy, a profession that had never before existed as we defined it.

But retirement just wasn’t for me!  I had truly enjoyed my work and the people I connected with every day. I realized that if retirement means it’s time to live your best life, and working would be a very positive step for MY best life – well then – that’s what I needed to keep doing.

So – what did I do? Realizing that I live in a community of people who are just like me – working to make sure we maximize the quality of the life we are living, and working to maintain our independence – I began researching the important aspects of doing just that.

I am you or I have been you…

I am an INDEPENDENT SENIOR myself, married to another SENIOR, and working hard to be sure I maintain my independence. As of today I am 72 years old, living in an “55+ Active Adult Community”, and taking advantage of those resources I need to stay independent for as long as I can. Building this site for you is one of the ways I’m accomplishing that.

I have been the ADULT CHILD of an INDEPENDENT SENIOR, plus one who wasn’t independent for long enough.  My mother passed after 11 years of Alzheimer’s, yielding her independence to my dad (who stayed independent until the day he died), and to me, who supported Dad as needed. Through those years, there were so many questions we had and resources we needed for both my parents.

I’ve been a PROFESSIONAL / VENDOR who has served Seniors for many years!  As the founder and proprietor of AdvoConnection – a directory that helps seniors and their loved ones find a patient advocate to help them through their journey with the healthcare system, I have developed hundreds of contacts, and lots of marketing and web know-how to support them. I’m ready to do that for those professionals and other vendors who work regularly with Seniors who strive for independence, plus their loved ones and friends.

Please join us! For now, I ask that you fill out a survey to let me know how I can help you. A good start, right?

AgeSmart! 411 offers us an opportunity to connect and support each other.
One last point, because you’ve asked…

No – I do not offer any products or services to Seniors or others beyond what you’ll find on this site. I’ve listed my relevant books here, and I do support professionals and vendors who can use my marketing assistance. However – my goal is to make sure all of YOU are well-served by the best. And the best will eventually all be found right here on AgeSmart! 411.

~Updated October 2023

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