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Your Guide to Aging Independently

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We’re Aging! We’re Seniors and Retirees…  We are older adults… And we have attitude and spunk, and we don’t believe in simply aging “gracefully”…

We’re independent – but recognize that sometimes we can use a helping hand – because aging is not for the faint of heart.

Join us here at AgeSmart! 411 to find the help and resources we need to help maximize our quality of life, no matter how or where we choose to grow older.

You can help!

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Welcome to AgeSmart! 411. We’re just getting started!

We’re here to provide resources and advice to those who are aging and wish to remain as independent as possible.  Whether you are the older adult yourself, or an adult child of a parent (or aunt, uncle, friend) who wishes to remain independent – or maybe a professional or business owner who serves independent older adults, or even someone who is simply interested in this group of older folks – we would love to get your take on what belongs on this site.

You can help by choosing one of the survey links above. Tell us about yourself, your challenges, and how we can be helpful to you.

When you provide your email address, you will be kept in the loop as we continue to build. (Don’t worry. We won’t share or violate your privacy. See our privacy policy.)

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Your Guide to Aging Independently

Resources for Older Adults who wish to stay independent: age in place, stay at home or with family, safely, comfortably, as healthy as possible, for as long as they continue to maintain their quality of life.

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